Delaware Andropause and Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men in Delaware

Bioidentical Hormones for Menopause and Perimenopause Doctors in DelawareMost men are unaware that they go through huge hormonal changes around midlife just as women do. Our bodies are always changing, but the changes that occur around midlife are typically the most severe since puberty. If you are regularly feeling run-down and generally unwell much of the time, you could be struggling with low testosterone.

Testosterone production typically peaks in a man’s early 20s and begins to decline roughly around age 30. For many men this will go unnoticed for a few years, but by midlife the effects of declining testosterone levels can produce the awful symptoms of the condition known as andropause. While the symptoms may not as dramatic as what a woman experiences, they can be incredibly uncomfortable and seem to appear out of nowhere. Typical issues that men experience because of these changes include:

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Fatigue
  • Body hair loss

You’re Not Going Crazy, You’re Going through Andropause

Testosterone, which is the primary male sex hormone, is present at birth, peaks in the late teens and 20s, and then starts declining around age 30. Since most men only lose one percent of their testosterone each year, the changes are gradual and don’t disrupt your life too much at first. However, you definitely notice that things are off sometime between 40 and 50. The medical name for hormonal decline in men is andropause. Other hormones start declining in midlife as well, such as cortisol and thyroid.

Delaware doctors who offer hormone replacement for men create a customized compound for each patient using natural plant extracts. These are gentler on your body and offer faster symptom relief than other types of hormone replacement therapy. Although it may be difficult to admit you need help, you need to take the first step to improve your quality of life. The way to do that is by contacting a Male Hormone Specialist from our directory.

What to Expect from Hormone Replacement for Men in Delaware

Your doctor recognizes that you are a unique individual with different symptoms from other men, even those who are the same age and who present with many of the same complaints. For this reason, he or she conducts a physical exam and completes a few hormone tests before creating your customized compound. The two of you will discuss how you should receive the replacement hormones and on what schedule before you officially start the program. Most men struggling with andropause symptoms benefit from balancing the following hormones:

  • Cortisol: Cortisol is a hormone that helps you build immunity to common illnesses in addition to giving you the ability to manage stress in a healthy way. Your body manufactures it in the adrenal glands. When you have a high amount of stress in your life, the adrenal glands will produce too much cortisol. This leads to a condition called adrenal fatigue. Its symptoms include all-day fatigue despite getting enough rest, cravings for sweet or salty food, brain fog, feeling overwhelmed, slow recovery from illnesses, and dozens more. Balancing cortisol and reducing the stress in your life can help you avoid these issues.
  • Pregnenolone: This is a precursor hormone, which means that it creates and secretes all other hormones in your body. Pregnenolone is specifically responsible for controlling neuroreceptors in the brain. The lack of it is a leading cause for depression, anxiety, irritability, concentration problems, and chronic fatigue. When pregnenolone levels are in balance, people tend to feel greater inner contentment as well as mental alertness.
  • Testosterone: When this hormone starts declining in your 30s, your body may substitute it for small amounts of estrogen. This is what causes most of the symptoms discussed above. Balancing testosterone by bringing it to levels you had at an earlier age can eliminate these symptoms and preserve your masculine traits.
  • Thyroid: Hypothyroidism means that you have too little of the thyroid hormone while hyperthyroidism means the opposite. Symptoms of a deficiency may include low libido, weight gain, and a persistent depressed mood. An excess of the thyroid hormone can cause unintended weight loss and anxiety. Regardless of which extreme you’re at, you don’t enjoy life as you should. Your Male Hormone Specialist determines your exact thyroid level before adding replacement thyroid hormone to your compound.

You remain under medical supervision until you and your doctor feel that you have gained the maximum therapeutic benefit from hormone replacement for men. While it’s hard to say how long that will be, most men report feeling improvements within the first several weeks or months.

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